LETTER: "Nannies" oppose breweries in Kirkland [u]


A letter writing campaign in support of Kirkland-based breweries is underway as opposition is trying to kill Chainline Brewing Co.'s application with the state. Please consider writing an email in support of Chainline. Read more at Support Kirkland Micro Breweries







There is a group of misguided “nannies” intent on derailing the plan for a micro-brewery in an appropriately zoned light industrial area.   I believe that the City Council should not allow a vocal micro-clique to exercise veto power over city land use decisions. Today my wife and I sent the following note to the Council:

Letter to parents addressing concerns about the new business opening soon in Houghton.

Dear Mayor Walen and City Council,,

It’s really hard to believe that a few folks would raise a stink over the possibility of a small craft (nano) brewery in an industrial area of Kirkland. Must be that these people don’t get out much!!

We have no way of knowing just what the “ground rules” will be at the proposed Chainline, but the facts are that the entire concept of small breweries has gone through a major revolution in the last few years. For instance most micro-breweries are both kid and dog friendly. Nearby examples (of kid friendly) are Bellevue Brewing, 192 Brewing (Kenmore), Flycaster Brewing (Kirkland), and Geaux Brewing (Bellevue, near Lowe’s). Some of these family friendly places have kids play areas ((my favorite—Fremont Brewery) and family movie nights.

It’s also important to point out that the local micro-breweries that we’re familiar with also have family friendly operating hours; that is they tend to be only open till 8 or 9 or 10pm (a good example here is the fantastic Black Raven Brewery in Redmond).

To tell the truth my wife and I are insulted by the aspersions cast by the complainers. To imply that we (in our mid-70’s, or our friends) fit into the category of reckless drivers, uncaring of our surroundings is uncalled for.

A sad precedent would be set if a small vocal group got to exercise veto power over the establishment of a legitimate business in an appropriately zoned area.


Jim and Carolyn Hitter

Jim Hitter