Summer Fire Notice: Be Fire Wise


The Kirkland Fire Department reminds Kirkland residents that as the summer season progresses, extended periods of hot, dry weather are expected to continue across Western Washington.  During this time, Be Fire Wise. Be proactive to prevent uncontrolled fires and be prepared if one should occur.



What you can do to be “fire wise” and proactive

Residents are encouraged to take care when enjoying recreational fires, barbequing and when discarding smoking material. If you have a fire, always keep it attended and always make sure it is “dead out” when you are done. Clearing of dead or dry brush from property lines and from around houses can also reduce the dangers from uncontrolled fires. Residents in areas with dense undergrowth and tree cover should take extra precautions to keep defensible spaces clear around their homes. We recommend reducing combustibles and brush within 30 feet of homes and mowing all grass within 70 feet.



Properly discard cigarettes

Improperly discarded cigarettes are a leading cause of brush fires. Tossing a burning cigarette on the ground or from a car window is never ok, and particularly so during the dry, summer months. If you must smoke, discard material into a metal can partially filled with water.



Burn Bans

Currently there are no additional burn restrictions within the City of Kirkland. Residents may still have recreational fires in approved fire pits and within barbeques.


Permits for Bon Fires are not currently available and land clearing fires are never allowed. A year round ban on fireworks also remains in effect.


Air Quality and Fire Danger Burn Bans though are likely as summer progresses and into the fall. Please check with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency for any current bans before burning at 800-595-4341 or visit