Driving While Stoned Accusations Continue to Haunt Roger Goodman

Incumbent 45th District Representative Roger Goodman (D) is facing a slew of media reports, questions and allegations of Goodman driving while stoned with his children in the car. Multiple social media sources and a hard-hitting television advertising commercial questions the judgement of a man representing Kirkland since 2006. The TV ad makes three accusations against Goodman:

  • frequently drove while under the influence of illegal drugs with his kids in the car
  • was in collections with the IRS
  • ordered to appeal before a judge over his delinquent child support.

The ad, "She's My Whole World" is paid for by New Majority PAC, not Goodman's Republican opponent, Joel Hussey. The New Majority PAC is seeking to aid Republican candidates to take the majority in Olympia. The television ad sources a website called www.NotaGoodman.com. As the URL infers, the website is most certainly partisan. Social media is awash with no fewer than three Facebook pages dedicated to this subject:

Facebook Page: Roger Goodman Drives Stoned


Facebook Page: Roger Goodman, Deadbeat Dad


Facebook Page: NotAGoodMan


In this interview with Tracy Vedder of KOMO News which aired Thursday, Goodman denies any wrong doing saying, "I have never been in trouble with the law and I have never harmed anyone - particularly my family." 

45th district Reps. Larry Springer and Roger Goodman campaigning for Suzan DelBene in Kirkland, 2012

45th district Reps. Larry Springer and Roger Goodman campaigning for Suzan DelBene in Kirkland, 2012

This story hits as August 5th Primary Election Ballots arrive in the mail. Goodman joins State Representative Larry Springer (D - Kirkland) and State Senator Andy Hill (R - Redmond) who are also on the ballot in seeking re-election in the 45th district.

Some of the accusations of wrong doing against Goodman are documented in court papers surrounding his contentious 2012 divorce. Questions of Goodman's character, integrity and judgment are at the heart of this these allegations. Goodman is not taking this lying down as he is defending himself and his record in interviews with local media. Here is a link to Goodman's Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Goodman

The heat is turning up in this 45th district legislative race. Campaigns being what they are, the best we can hope for is truth telling from the parties involved. Politics is a winner takes all game. One can only hope that the truth will not be sacrificed for political expediency.

Do your own research and choose wisely voters.