It is hard to imagine how it would feel to leave your home one morning as you always do, to return and find nothing but a smoldering hole where your house had been.  That is what happened to the Zemp Family of Kirkland in 2012.  The family home of 22 years was completely destroyed in a devasting fire.  Bryan Zemp said, “We didn’t know where our three kids were going to sleep or what they would wear to school the next day.  EVERYTHING was destroyed in the fire.”


The Kemp’s neighbors and the Kirkland community stepped in to help the family in many ways.  A Fire Fund was set up at Key Bank and is still open to people who would like to help by making a donation.  To add to everything else, the Zemps soon learned that they didn’t have enough insurance coverage for such a disaster.  Things like soccer uniforms that were normally passé became a luxury.  The family is still rebuilding their life and their home, but can never replace so much of what they lost.


When the Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation ( ) heard about the tragedy, even though it had been two years, they wanted do something to help.  Dr. Dennis Welch, KCK member and a dentist in Kirkland found out that the family had a daughter undergoing orthodontic care with Dr. Paul Lund (, also working in Kirkland.  The KKF administers a fund called the Jack Keller Memorial Fund which assists families with financial needs to pay for their child’s orthodontic care.  Normally, the protocol for the Foundation is to work with a candidate from start to finish of their treatment.  In the spirit of Jack Keller, the Foundation decided to make an exception this time, coordinated with Dr. Lund, to help with Jessica’s care.  “You have no idea how much this will help.” Bryan Kemp told Ralph Loveland, club president.  Dr. Lund had already discounted his services to the family and thanks to this help, Jessica has a beautiful smile and the family has one less thing to worry about. 


If you would like to learn more about the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland or the Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation, please contact Matt Gregory, Secretary at (425) 828-0231, attend one of their weekly Wednesday lunch meetings at noon at Hector’s Restaurant or visit


Bonni Sundberg