Effort to bring Spirit of America 9/11 Memorial Statue to Kirkland ends

Dear readers:

The following letter was forwarded to Kirkland Views regarding the Spirit of America 9/11 Memorial Statue. It appears the interested parties will no longer pursue the proposal.
— Editor

Dear Dave,


It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Kirkland will no longer pursue a proposal for

the Spirit of America 9/11 Memorial Statue.


You and I have had conversations and email regarding this opportunity for our city since November and I

appreciate your time as well as Mr. Demetro’s, to discuss the high hopes I had for Kirkland

embracing this thoughtful, very special historic piece. Also to be acknowledged is the majority of the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission members, the entire Parks Board, Mayor Waylon, Deputy Mayor Sweet and Council Member Marchione for their positions and support of the Spirit of America Sculpture for Kirkland’s Juanita Beach Park.


I’m very disappointed in how things have turned out and know there will be many others who are as well.


As you know, the City Council requested a survey for public opinion on the sculpture. In a strong effort to be unbiased, the survey introduction was less than compelling and inaccurately represented the financial value, time and effort your Foundation has put into this project over the years. The survey, combined with an ignorant portrayal of the sculpture and lack of fact finding for accuracy in the local Kirkland Reporter, dramatic and unkind blogs on our online Kirkland Views was not a recipe for success. As a result, while many welcomed the opportunity, the majority have chosen for us to opt out. Today the Kirkland Reporter initiated their own survey, which again, tells none of the inspiring story behind what you all have done and lacks any recognition of the positive opportunity behind placement of such a significant piece in our midst.


So, moving forward, the finest cities who come to the bar and deliver a proposal will be courageous and

and truly represent the American spirit to be home and steward of your piece.  I would be honored to help

Issaquah in any way, to procure the Spirit of America Sculpture and would like to make a personal donation of $100 towards the bill to reduce the cost for whichever city you choose (adding to the $29,000 the Foundation has already raised and paid to Mr. Demetro for his exceptional bronze creation).


I will follow-up with a phone call to you, but for right now, I hope you will accept this note and

know that I’m truly sorry and sad at the outcome.  I hope to see you at the unveiling in the chosen city and

have an opportunity to meet each of the board members, to thank them in person as well.


If there is anything I can do to help Issaquah to be the city of choice, please tell them I will help

do whatever I can to assist them. We have many honorable individuals in Kirkland. I’d like to again thank

those who supported the Spirit of America Sculpture project for our city and thank the Foundation for their patience with Kirkland.


With great respect,


Maureen Baskin