Scoop your poop or smile for the camera

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Today I walked Molly the dog at Juanita Beach Park and we were unpleasantly surprised by the plethora of poop that was never scooped. We walked on the foot paths, from east to west and encountered a dozen piles of discarded dog doo. I do not jest!

Juanita Beach Park is a mess. It shouldn't be so. We should rename it Pooh Park. Then let's go dog, go!

Now, this may be the work of one hyperactive poodle with broken plumbing but I suspect it is the handiwork of several dogs. Let's put the blame where it belongs: on the owners, not the dogs.

A nearby apartment complex has a sign posted in their entry flower bed that reads, "No poop & pee zone." I noted that the other two adjacent flower beds were littered with tootsie rolls. Why not? I ask. There were no signs in those flower beds so, obviously, one must conclude they are public toilets. 

Seriously, what is up with you, folks?

Have you forgotten your manners?

Did your mother not teach you to clean up after yourselves?

Are you allergic to plastic?

Oh yea, and as if this matters, it is also against the law to not scoop your poop. 

Well, I have a plan to help solve this dog doo dilemma. And I need your help. If you see a dog walker who forgets to pick up Fido's doodie, do your duty and offer them a poop bag. If you don't have a poop bag, then offer to take their picture and send it to us. We'll publish the photos (we'll call 'em Kirkland Dog Doos).

So, Mr. "I look the other way while my dog drops a deuce" dog owner, be sure to smile the next time Marmaduke is dropping a Cleveland Steamer. You're on candid camera!

Now, admittedly this may not be the best plan around, but I think it is worth a shot. Shame is a good motivator and there just isn't enough of it around anymore. Let's try it the neighborly way first, but be sure to have your camera ready just in case.

On the bright side, I'm a glass is half full kinda guy, I saw only one incident of shoe scrape on the sidewalk at the park. The rest of the carnage was in the grass. Thank goodness it was not a hot day or I might have written something really cranky.