Dogs and Beers and Kids -- WA State's Crazy Liquor Laws

The tail end of Molly the Dog as she enters Flat Stick Pub for a tall cool one.

Recently, we attended a kids version of battle of the bands, so to speak, held at Triplehorn Brewery in Woodinville. The scene was wild with kids and parents running around, performing, playing and having a blast. Of course, the regular patrons were there watching the game on TV, chatting and doing whatever else one does in a pub. What was so nice about this scene was that it felt so normal, yet in Washington State, it is a rarity reserved only for establishments of a certain type. Microbreweries like Triplehorn, and Kirkland's own FlyCaster Brewing, are not required to separate kids from those over 21 (I reserve the term adult for those who actually act like such). This is how all such businesses in Washington State should be allowed to operate.

The liquor law restrictions in WA are onerous, out dated and frankly, out of step with society. Anyone visiting Oregon, California or anywhere in Europe knows this to be true. Washington State is the state which just legalized marijuana yet it still holds onto puritanical liquor laws. I guess the moms and dads lobby isn't as powerful as the pot smokers in Olympia.

Kids are welcome at FlyCaster Brewing (moms and dads are too).

So, if you have a child, you cannot enter a pub, unless it is a brewery. If you have a dog, as is our case, we have found a growing number of establishments welcoming, including downtown Kirkland's newest, Flat Stick Pub. 

Somehow it seems everything is upside down. Dogs are welcome but humans are not. I understand fully how food service and pets don't mix but I am still struggling to understand why parents are so mistrusted by the state that it wont permit families to share time together in so many places.

These Washington State liquor laws seem arbitrary and out dated. The laws need to change. If anyone in Olympia still has the motivation to do anything, please put down your joint and pick up this cause.