Rep. Larry Springer wins “End Hunger Award”

Springer wins Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s award for hunger advocacy

Last week, at the 2014 Hunger Summit State Representative Larry Springer was awarded the “End Hunger Award” for his work in the State Legislature.
Rep. Springer won the political advocacy award for his hard work to secure funding for the State Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP). EFAP provides critical financial and technical resources to food banks and other “on-the-ground” services that connect hungry families with emergency food and support services.
Upon receiving the award, Rep. Springer said, “There are too many children in our state who go to school hungry and too many parents who have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. I was proud to sponsor the budget proviso to ensure funding for EFAP continues. Without it, many food banks and distribution centers would have to use their limited resources to cover administrative and technical costs rather than to help the hungry families in our community.”
The 2014 Hunger Summit was a gathering of food insecurity advocates, chefs, community activists and business and political leaders.  The group met to raise awareness of food insecurity and meal programs as well as to create innovative solutions to address hunger needs in Seattle and beyond.