Marijuana Lottery Results Published by WLSCB [u]

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has published the results of the lottery for marijuana applicants in Kirkland. The addresses listed by the applicants may be subject to change. The following applicants have "won the lottery":

UPDATE: The City of Kirkland has released the following:

Although the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) announced on May 2, 2014 the results of its marijuana retail store lotteries, which includes 12 sites in Kirkland city limits, the State’s final approval process is not complete.  According to a news release issued by WSLCB, 1,174 applicants were included in the lottery and 75 jurisdictions required a lottery (including Kirkland); 47 jurisdictions did not require a lottery.  WSLCB notes its lottery lists are rank-ordered and that “being identified as the apparent successful applicant is not a guarantee that the selected applicant will receive a license.”  There are “multiple requirements for licensure such as the applicant must pass a criminal history and financial investigation as well as have a location that is not within 1,000 feet of a school, park, or other area specified by Initiative 502 as places where children congregate.  WSLCB has identified the following sites in Kirkland through an independently produced rank-ordered process:


Application Number/Tradename/Location Address (Kirkland)

1.    415613/ TWISTED GREENS CORP/8734 120TH AVE NE

2.    414907/420 PM/8734 120TH AVE NE

3.    413780/ HIGHER VIBRATIONS/12504 116TH AVE NE

4.    414240/ DAN'S HERBS/12543 TOTEM LAKE BLVD NE

5.    414475/ TWISTED SACKS CORP/8734 120TH AVE NE


7.    414407/ KUSH/12525 TOTEM LAKE BLVD NE

8.    414984/ THE NOVEL TREE/1313 MARKET ST STE 1000



11. 414906/420 PM/8734 120TH AVE NE

12. 414916/ STONER HAZE/8734 120TH AVE NE


Should WSLCB deem any of the above applications to meet State licensing requirements, it will notify the City of Kirkland and the City will review the application for compliance with its interim marijuana retail zoning regulations.  For example under the current interim regulations, the sites on 1818 Market Street and 1313 Market Street do not comply. When the City is notified by the WSLCB, the application will be reviewed by the Planning & Community Development, Fire and Building, Public Works and Police Departments.  Any state approved marijuana license for processing, production or retail, will require a City business license.  Notice of application information will be posted to   Questions about the lottery should be directed to WSLCB by emailing or sending written correspondence to: Washington State Liquor Control Board, Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 43098, Olympia, WA 98504-3098. WSLCB also offers an email notification subscription at