LETTER: Standup for Nourishing Networks

Dear Kirkland Angels,


You understand how important it is to help our neighbors in need.  You have fed hungry elementary school children and their families in some really trying times.  Bless you for that. 


The effort in Kirkland was originated with an initiative called Nourishing Networks.   Tuesday, you will have a unique opportunity to help build capacity to strengthen Kirkland’s efforts and establish nourishing networks in other communities.   Kirkland Nourishing Network and Edible Kirkland (newly organizing) would not have gotten off the ground without Nourishing Network Central.  These Kirkland groups are all-volunteer organizations supported by Nourishing Networks Central. 


Now, we have opportunities to ensure we can continue support for our efforts and to help other communities learn from our successes.    Tuesday’s, single-day GiveBIG campaign grows your contribution by helping Nourishing Network qualify for part of the $1+ million Seattle Foundation matching funds.


Starting at 12:01 AM on Tuesday, you can make contributions that qualify for the matching funds.  Just go to:  



Your help can support Nourishing Networks Central that is key to growing community capacity by creating grass-roots efforts to tackle needs in communities across the region.  Last year, over 30,000 donors provided assistance through GiveBIG.  This year, you can make a real impact on Kirkland Nourishing Networks capabilities by supporting Nourishing Networks Central. 


This year’s theme is “There are heroes among us.”  You have known you are special as you have seen how your efforts contributed to support for the neediest of the needy in Kirkland elementary schools.  This past school break, Kirkland Nourishing Network stretched to expand our support to 5 schools in Kirkland.  This great leap of faith was possible because of your strong commitment to holding our community together. You have proven you are a hero.  Can you help some other heroes grow this effort?


We can’t do it without you or Nourishing Networks, so (as usual) I’m asking you to do 2 things:

1.      Pass this along to all that you know that might have the capacity to help, and

2.      Do what you can to support Nourishing Networks on Tuesday.  Put a note on your calendar to go to:



Yours in most heartfelt service,


Dave Asher