Kirkland Considers Reducing Multi-Family Parking Requirements

As part of the adopted 2013-2014 Planning Work Program, the City is in the process of considering Zoning Code amendments to multi-family parking requirements


As a project resource, King County METRO has completed one of the most comprehensive surveys of multi-family parking utilization.  The data includes a survey of 228 multi-family sites throughout King County.  This study, funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, is part of a project called Right Size Parking.  This project included resources for cities to implement pilot projects to put the data to practical use.  Kirkland was one of four King County cities selected to participate. 


The County's Right Size Parking project found that parking requirements for multi-family developments generally resulted in an oversupply of parking.  On average, parking was found to be oversupplied with 1.4 spaces built per dwelling unit but used at only about 1 space per unit.