Eastside Audubon on the empty nest at Heritage Park


It appears that this year there has been only one eaglet, and, sadly, it seems to have died. A friend of Eastside Audubon sent us a note along with a photograph showing what appeared to be the leg and foot of an eaglet, discovered along with some baby feathers on the ground below the nest.

Wildlife officials have been advised, and we're trying to follow up with them to learn what may have happened. 

The reasons we think there is not a second eaglet are that no one had reported to us having seen more than one at a time and that, after the apparent death, the adult bald eagles did not stay as close to the nest as they normally would at this stage if there were a youngster present.

If you are aware of any observation of two eaglets this year at the same time, please let me know as much as you can about who saw them and when.

This news means that Eastside Audubon will not be holding the nest viewing dates that had been scheduled for this Sunday (May 25)June 29, and July 4. Disappointing for all, I know.

Thank you all for your interest and support. This shows just how tough it is to be a bird, even a big one. It's why Eastside Audubon tries to protect birds that may be at risk. 

We'll hope for a better outcome next year.

Best regards,

Mary Brisson

Eastside Audubon