Senseless Tree Violence: Tree Seriously Injured by Careless Human Driver

Warning: The following image may be too graphic for young eyes

Crime Scene: Reckless driver injures helpless tree in Kirkland.

This shocking image of a rolled-over car against a tree at the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd. and Lakeview Drive was taken Friday, May 16 in the early evening.

This senseless tree violence against our helpless friends must be stopped. We suggest immediate regulations with stiff penalties for anyone injuring a tree while behind the wheel of a car. 

FACT: The driver walked away from the car uninjured. The tree will be scarred for life.

FACT: Kirkland is proud to be a member of Tree City USAKirkland has established a tree protection ordinance, conducted a comprehensive tree canopy assessment, drafted at 20-year Forest Restoration Plan for Park open spaces, adopted a Strategic Management Plan and formed an inter-department team to implement the Plan. Click here to read Kirkland's Urban Tree Canopy Assessment Report.

Yet, after all of these measures, we still can't stop senseless tree violence.

Crime Scene at the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd. and Lakeview Drive

FACT: Kirkland's well-known Pedestrian Friendly Cross Walks with flags and flashing lights show the clear bias Kirkland has for people over trees. 

Isn't it time our city focuses more on tree safety? How many more such tragedies do we need before we act?

FACT: In Juanita Bay, many trees are protected with chicken wire to prevent beavers from eating them.

Why doesn't Kirkland require barricades around trees to prevent cars from injuring our stoic, helpless friends? Are people more important than beavers?

FACT: Kirkland has regulations preventing property owners from cutting down trees with trunks ≥ 6 inches in diameter, measured 4.5 ft from the ground.

When will we wake up and realize that it is a crime to cut down any tree of any size? Kirkland needs to revisit its tree ordinance. It is too weak.

This incident is a wake up call Kirkland! How many more innocent trees must be sacrificed before we act? When will we realize that trees are not private property, rather, they are the property of all citizens of the world?

Don't be idle. Act now. Prevent tree violence. Demand more regulations.

On the bright side, the driver's SUV was in the shop otherwise it would have been worse.

Thank you to an anonymous reader for sharing the above image.