Kirkland Kiwanis and the Keller Foundation Helping Children

The motto of the Kiwanis Clubs internationally is “Serving the Children of the World.”  Kiwanis Clubs across the US have many programs designed to do just that.  Here in Kirkland, the Kiwanis Club has a special way of adding their support to that endeavor.


In the early 80’s, a long time Kirkland Orthodontist, Jack Keller, died in a tragic hunting accident.  Keller had been a long time member of the Kirkland Kiwanis Club and had been very generous through the years by doing dental work at no charge for adults and children with financial restrictions.  Two of Keller’s fellow Kiwanians and dentists, Dennis Welsh and Arne Ness wanted to do something to pay tribute to Jack, so they “hatched” the idea of a fund in his honor to carry on his work -- thereby forming the KCK Keller Foundation.  The fund was jointly established by Dr. Keller’s family, friends and the Kirkland Kiwanis Club for children under the age of 16 who need orthodontic treatment and can’t afford it.


Kiwanis member Ed Irwin was instrumental in involving several Kirkland Orthodontists in delivering this reduced fee care to these children.  Orthodontists Dr. Michelle Neal and Dr. Tony Lovrovich, were among those who generously donated their services in past years.


Currently, KCK is partnering with the University of Washington School of Dentistry for this project.  The most recent recipient of Keller Funds has just completed his process.  The full program takes about 2 years and costs about $5,000.  There is another child currently going through the initial stages of the program and will be underway with treatment soon.


The Keller Foundation is one of the many ways that the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland serves the community of Kirkland.  If you would like more information about the club or other projects they are involved in, please visit our website at or contact Matt Gregory, Secretary at (425) 828-0231.


Bonni Sundberg

Kiwanis Club of Kirkland