LETTER: vote YES for Lake Washington School District Proposition No. 1 on April 22.


In our work as a Redmond City Council member and as a board member of the Lake Washington PTSA Council, we’ve personally witnessed the positive effect our high-performing public schools have in our Lake Washington community.  Families who could choose among many neighboring school districts choose Lake Washington School District because of its impressive track record of academic success.  Businesses consistently look at our successful schools as a key factor in deciding to locate and grow here. 

As a result, we’ve seen explosive student growth. We aren’t just a little bit cramped for space – our schools are now overflowing with students. Our schools are expected to grow by 4,000 students in the next eight years.  If we do nothing, we will see more portable classrooms on our school campuses, and we may even be forced to double-shift school schedules to accommodate overcrowding.

Right now voters in Lake Washington have an opportunity to avoid these problems and keep our schools top-notch.  On the April 22 ballot is a bond measure that will secure funds to build much-needed new facilities and additions, as well as renovate existing structures. Specifically, the bond will pay for the construction of three new elementary schools and one new middle school to help alleviate overcrowding. It will also rebuild or expand two high schools, and build and equip a new science and technology-focused high school.

This bond is our community raising money from our members to build schools for our students. It is our community solving its own problems.  Our schools and our kids should not be held hostage by national or state political fights that have nothing to do with the values of our community.

Kids can’t learn and communities won’t grow if our school system fails to provide the basic structure – the classrooms and schools – needed for learning. Our big Lake Washington family is growing.  Let’s welcome and encourage that growth by investing in our schools. Please vote YES for Lake Washington School District Proposition No. 1 on April 22.

Hank Myers

Redmond City Council Member (Position 1)


Beth Sigall

VP, Advocacy

Lake Washington PTSA Council