Northstar Ranked #7 among The 50 Best Middle Schools in the US

Northstar Middle School in Kirkland has been selected by as 7th out of the 50 best middle schools in the US based on several weighted factors, including academic excellence, NAEP scores, state assessment scores, received awards and rankings, geographical diversity, and reputation. 

North Star Middle School serves students in grades 7–9. It is a “choice” school, one of 13 in the Lake Washington School District. Choice schools and programs are optional schooling alternatives and are often housed within an existing school. Class sizes are smaller and students are placed in programs based upon skill level rather than age and grade. Students experience education through a variety of projects and learning tools, including home-school partnerships, vocational programs, and theme-based learning.

Except for math, North Star students choose their courses to fulfill the required number of credits for each discipline, so that students are taking an in-depth course on something of interest to them instead of a survey course which lightly touches on a broad range of topics. It is much like a college curriculum.

Some examples of courses offered are Forensic Science, Genetics, Treehouse of Horror (horror literature), and Bring Out Your Dead (a history of infectious diseases.)

North Star Awards and Rankings:

  • 8th grade students scored 100% on the state reading assessment
  • 7th and 8th grade students scored 96.7 on math assessments
  • 7th grade students scored 96.7 on reading and writing assessments
  • Ranked #2 in the state by

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