LETTER: City's Position for June Court Date - Lobsang Dargey DOES NOT have Vested Right to Large Development

The citizens have been inquiring about when Mr Dargey and Potala Village will be meeting in the Court of Appeals with the City of Kirkland.  The city is arguing that Mr Dargey and Potala Village (also known by some as Path America) are not vested to the large development that he is hoping to build. 

The Court of Appeals has just notified the parties of a June 6th Court Date.

Declarations made by city staff indicate that Mr Dargey was informed by the city that he should talk to his attorney and that he would need to submit a building permit to be vested to his large Potala Village Project.  Teresa Swan and others declare in court documents that they notified Mr. Dargey that the City Council was considering a moratorium and he was aware that citizens of Kirkland wanted lower residential densities on the Neighborhood Business zoned (and MSC2 zoned) properties.  These restrictions would then disallow his proposal.

In spite of the warning by city staff, Kurt Triplett declares that Mr. Dargey told him that he chose not to file a building permit.

We now have but 7 weeks until the court date.

Karen Levenson