LETTER: Join me in supporting LWSD School Bond

Citizens of Kirkland

Please join me in supporting the LWSD School Bond measure.  As a community with a huge commitment to assuring the best educational opportunities for our children we must be prepared for the additional 180 classrooms that we will need in the future just to meet the space requirements needed to accommodate the reductions in K-3 class sizes the Legislature has funded in response to the Supreme Court’s school funding decision.  And we must assure that the schools our kids and grandkids attend meet the standards that were established by the School Board in 1997.

  It is unfortunate that the Anti School Bond group has quoted me on their website.  The quote is taken out of context and they neglect to show that I voted to support the bond measure at that meeting.  It would have been a bit more ethical, and appreciated, if they had checked with me about the accuracy of the quote they intended to use.  My comments referenced the concern that there is a perception of a lack of transparency about the school district proposal.

Ironically, l was referring to the alleged “lack of transparency” coming from the opposition to the bond measure.

 I believe the District has addressed those concerns, openly and honestly, and I hope you will support this Bond Measure. 

Thank You, 

Penny Sweet