Kirkland Kiwanis Club Zeller Awards

Every year, Kiwanis International is joined by local Kiwanis clubs worldwide to raise money for much needed projects.  One of the most successful and rewarding programs that Kiwanis clubs worldwide have been involved in is The Eliminate Project .  Partnering with UNICEF, this fundraising endeavor has helped save thousand of mother’s and baby’s lives by vaccinating them for maternal/neonatal tetanus.  Thanks to the efforts of Kiwanis and UNICEF, this disease is on the brink of elimination.

In 1940, a Kiwanis member named Walter Zeller made a generous donation to the Kiwanis International Foundation one year after its inception.  It was his dream to help launch the Kiwanis International Foundation’s worldwide efforts.  Zeller was a well respected business man that started his very successful and lucrative career in 1912 as a stock boy with the FW Woolworth Company.  Zeller gave much of his life to philanthropy and was very involved in his local Kiwanis club in Montreal Canada.  His dream came true and The Eliminate Program got its start.

When a donation of $1,250 is given to Kiwanis International Eliminate Program, the donor becomes a Walter Zeller Fellow.  These recipients are recognized with a medallion, certificate and commemorative lapel pin – and, most importantly, the knowledge that they helped save more then 690 lives.  This award has become quite prestigious among Kiwanis members and receiving one is considered a great honor.  

In October of 2013, Juanita High School Key Club and Honor Society with the help of ICS Key Club and Kirkland Middle School Builders Club raised about $2,500 for the Eliminate Program.  The Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation (KKF) matched those funds and a donation of $5,000 was given to Kiwanis International for Eliminate.  By making this donation, KKC was given four Zeller Awards.

Juanita High School Key Club and their advisor Paul Miller were each awarded a Zeller in February.  The young people in this key club raised their share of the donation by trick or treating for Eliminate.  They are involved in many other community projects and stand out in the area of service.  Their advisor, Paul Miller does a wonderful job of motivating these kids and keeping them on track, while helping them develop skills they need to succeed in many of their projects.

Two other Zeller awards were recently presented at the Kirkland Kiwanis New Member Banquet on March 14.  Dick Shinstrom became a Walter Zeller Fellow for his over 65 years of service with the club.  Shinstrom is a past president and has headed up or been involved in countless projects through the years.  He is a well-respected and honored member of the KCK.

Receiving the fourth Zeller was Deena Chavez in honor of her husband Charlie.  He was a member of the club for over 15 years and was very active with special needs young adults as well as other programs.  Chavez recently passed away and is dearly missed by his Kiwanis friends. The KCK was privileged to have Charlie as part of their club and “family”.

If you would like to know more about the Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation or the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland, please visit out website at or call Matt Gregory, Secretary at (425) 828-0231.

Bonni Sundberg
Kiwanis Club of Kirkland