Asian Wok restaurant and lounge to reopen as The Market Street

The Asian Wok (Market Street at 18th) is soon to be no more. In three weeks the tired Chinese restaurant /local watering hole will become The Market Street. The business underwent a change in ownership last year and is being reopened this spring as  a new restaurant with a new menu featuring American food made with fresh ingredients. The new name, The Market Street, is a nod to the circa 1948 grocery market which stood on this site for many years.

Bartender come restaurant owner Megan McBurney says the Asian Wok will close it's doors in three weeks, remodel for another three weeks and then be ready for business in June. Megan has many regulars in the lounge which is quite busy and has recently been remodeled -- but the restaurant is in need of a change. The restaurant side of the business is getting a complete makeover with a new menu to match the concept of The Market Street -- welcome news to local neighbors.

We wish Megan and her crew all the best in transforming this restaurant and lounge into a new neighborhood favorite. We'll see you at The Market Street in June!