Kirkland Author, Billee Escott book signing at Parkplace Books, April 19

On Saturday, April 19th from 1 pm to 3 pm, Parkplace Books will host a book reading and signing, featuring Kirkland author, Billee Escott. Billie has written three books, “Some Day I’m Gonna,” “The Lean Years” and “Best of the Lean Years.” 

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Billee Longuski Escott wrote her memoirs in three books that recount growing up during the Great Depression.  In Someday I’m Gonna ... the family of eight leaves Michigan in a Model A Ford pulling a tent house trailer built by her resourceful father.  She had no shoes, even as the family worked the crops around the U.S. and her father tried to find work.

After the traveling years of the first book, the family arrived in Wenatchee, Washington where they struggled to survive The Lean Years. The title of the second book is an apt description of their situation as they returned to working the crops, barely making enough money for rent and food.  In The Best of the Lean Years, the family settles in Wenatchee.  There our girl finally has shoes and the chance to return to school, where she finds the way to build the self-confidence that the Great Depression took away from her.

“The Lean Years” is the continuation of a young girl’s life with her family on their quest for a more prosperous life in Wenatchee, during the Great Depression. The final book, “The Best of the Lean Years”, completes the story and tells the reader the impact of their challenges and the conclusion in the lives of the real Longuski family.

Despite the desperate situations, Billee’s books are filled with vivid memories of the beautiful landscapes, and the happy times of her childhood that she shared with family, people met on the road, neighbors and friends.   

The public is invited to listen and ask Billee questions in person, about her books and her amazing life at.

Book reading and signing featuring Billee Escott
April 19th from 1 pm to 3 pm
Parkplace Books, Kirkland Parkplace