Hopelink Can Madness Helps Stock Up Local Food Banks

It is that time of year again, time for Hopelink's Can Madness (a competition among local businesses to collect food for Hopelink -- a play off of the NCAA's March Madness). According to Ben Wobker of Lake Washington Physical Therapy, the contest started in 2009 with 16 teams. Today Wobker says, "It is really enjoyable to see it grow and we are shooting for over 30,000 lbs this year for the tournament."


Here are the details:

What:  This is a fun and competitive food drive between local businesses that will help Hopelink stock-up their food banks.

Why:  Food donations slow down after the holidays, but the need is still there.  Your donations will help fill these shelves AND help businesses in their quest for a tournament championship!

How:  Donations brought to participating businesses are weighed each week.  Results are recorded in a single elimination bracket-style tournament format.  Each week teams advance, similar to the famous college basketball March Madness tournament.  Registration Information, bracket standings, and other information will be posted on this webpage regularly throughout the competition.

When:  Drop off non-perishable donations weekly on Fridays no later than 2pm.  The competition begins March 7th and concludes with the final teams advancing through April 4th.

Show your staff, vendors, neighboring businesses and friends how much fun it can be to give back to your community.  Weekly weigh-ins and results will be promoted on Hopelink’s facebook page.