LETTER : Back room deal cheats public from parking on Lake Ave West

Hi Rob,

I saw in the views some discussion about downtown parking. The loss of between 50 and 75 parking spots on Lake Ave West has never been addressed. You may remember that the city made Lake Ave West resident permit parking only in a secret deal with the two lawyers on Lake Ave West to get them to drop the lawsuit over placement of Heritage Hall.

By the way, those of us involved in the lawsuit were never told of this aspect of the settlement. Lake Ave West is a public street. The Fire Dept. has said there is plenty of room for their trucks if parking is returned to the public so the only obstacle is the objections of the residents.          


George Noble                                                                        

P.S  A former prominent City Council Member admitted that the above is accurate to four of us outside a Kirkland restaurant.

Lake Ave West begins at Market Street and Central Way and serves the residents living west of Heritage Hall in downtown Kirkland.