Letter: A Thank You to Mayor Amy Walen



Yesterday, a very nice Kirkland Neighborhood Bulletin hit my mailbox.  I was impressed by Ms Walen's proactive inclusion of citizens in a very controversial subject, zoning regulations that could impact the sale of recreational marijuana in certain zones.


Mayor Walen provided background, weblinks, and access to the public hearing on O-4434.  She made sure to inform citizens of the balance of interests sought and input opportunities still available to citizens.  She even provided the date and location of the March 18th City Council meeting (7:30pm, City Council Chambers) with guidance that comments will be heard at the beginning of the meeting.


Mayor Walen, thank you for taking the lead and proactively reaching out to include citizens in decisions that impact them, particularly since it is a subject that can be quite controversial.


For myself, I tend to favor watching other communities implement controversial changes before they have an irreversible impact on our residences and commercial areas, but I will listen with interest to many novel insights, many emotional beliefs on both sides.  Your request for perspectives assures me that you are interested in doing the same and making some tough, but well considered decisions.


I commend you for this strong statement in favor of inclusion of the public in decisions that impact them directly.


For anyone who was not signed up to receive this type of notice, I'll provide the link.





Karen Levenson