Downtown Parking -- Why Are Two Parking Enforcers Patrolling Downtown Kirkland?

While I had heard rumors that on certain days downtown Kirkland has two parking enforcement officers patrolling the streets at the same time, I had never seen it myself, until yesterday. I had been told by someone claiming to be in the know that due to the way Kirkland's union contracts are written, on some days there both parking enforcement officers are patrolling downtown while on other days, there is no parking enforcement officer on duty. Hmmm. So much for efficiency.

This does beg the question: How does such a parking enforcement schedule benefit merchants, residents or visitors?

I won't add my opinion to this issue other than to say I will suggest we figure out this schedule and advise the world to OBEY the parking signs in Kirkland. I won't mention the fact that Belleuve contracts with Diamond Parking (a private company) for the same service. 

While the above description of how Kirkland enforces parking comes as little surprise, I did do a double take when I saw both Enforcer vehicles circling the parking lot at Lake and Central at 5:08pm on a Thursday.

In fairness, we should give the parking enforcers the benefit of the doubt, as this could merely be a shift change. But for some reason, the previous explanation seems more plausible. Of course, as always, if you have evidence to the contrary, please share it and I will publish a mea culpa. ;-)