Robber Gangs Terrorize Colorado Pot Shops, Is Washington Next?


A disturbing consequence of legalized pot in Colorado has been increased violent crime. Washington is running fast to catch up with Colorado, seeming uninterested in learning lessons from their experience. The false immediacy of this issue is rather interesting to witness. Electeds are falling over themselves to allow marijuana businesses unfettered access with little regard to the potential downfalls of such action.

It is truly disturbing how our elected officials disregard citizens'  pleas for caution on this issue. There is no urgency. Yet there is no political will to be cautious either. Elected officials across our state are rushing headlong to open legalized marijuana businesses in their municipalities. There are many stated benefits of legalization: tax revenue, de-criminalization and ending a black market.

There are scant few examples in the media of the negatives of marijuana legalization. Tony Dokoupi's article, Robber Gangs Terrorize Colorado Pot Shops is one which does.

Pot legalization is a real public safety issue. 

Unfortunately, it is also a political issue.

I suspect strong political opposition to any elected standing in the way of legalization.

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Steps from the counter where the peace buds are sold, a warning sign is emblazoned with the words, “DEADLY FORCE.”

as the industry has grown, its access to banking and security has declined, and crime has soared.
— Robber Gangs Terrorize Colorado Pot Shops by Tony Dokoupil

Tony Dokoupil of NBC News has written an interesting piece about robber gangs terrorizing pot shops in Colorado. Let us hope it is not a harbinger to come for Washington State. If it is, we have only ourselves and our elected officials to blame. We have been forewarned as to the potential downfalls which may come.

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