DeLille Cellars Wine Bar, Sotheby's Open in Downtown Kirkland

DeLille Cellars opens its doors to the public in downtown Kirkland this Saturday, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Mayor Amy Walen on Thursday. The respected winemaker is located in a new retail space with other new businesses, Realogics|Sotheby's Real EstateAlchemy Collections and LightArt at 15 Lake Street.

For old-timers, this is the sight of the former J.C. Penney building. For youngsters, it is between Park Lane and Marina Park in downtown Kirkland.

The public will be able to pass from Lake Street down a staircase to the lower floor and out to Marina Park. The lower floor of the building is home to VoVina Martini Bar and the soon to open, FlatStick Pub.

Welcome to Kirkland!