Birding Class On Shorebirds Celebrates Spring Spectacle

The Semipalmated Plover is by Tim Boyer

Guided Grays Harbor Trip Timed to View Arctic-Bound Flocks

No wonder the Semipalmated Plover is pulling up marine worms as fast as it can. The Washington Coast is the last stop on a journey of as far as 8,000 miles to its breeding grounds in the high arctic. It needs fuel now.

This astonishing little bird is one of many that make epic intercontinental migrations in the spring and pause on Washington shores to refuel while en route.

In the Spring Shorebirds class from Eastside Audubon, you can learn the stories of the varied bird species that you see on our coast in April, then take a field trip to spot them at Grays Harbor.

Instructor Tim Boyer is a shorebird expert and professional photographer whose work can be seen at In the classroom, he’ll use his own photographs to illustrate the surprisingly diverse habitats and habits of the various spring shorebirds; he’ll then guide the full-day field trip.

Classroom sessions are in Kirkland on April 8 and 9 (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings), from 6:45 to 8:15 p.m. A field trip to Grays Harbor follows on Saturday, April 12 (details will be arranged in class).

Fees for the class are $60 for Eastside Audubon members, $80 for non-members. Carpool cost for the coast field trip is additional. (Evening sessions only: $40 for members, $55 for non-members.) More details are available at the Eastside Audubon website:

Class size is limited. Registration is open now at Eastside Audubon: or (425) 576-8805.