Possible Future Kirkland Aquatics Center; meetings Tonight, Tomorrow


The City of Kirkland will host public meetings to get citizens’ input on locations for a potential new aquatics center to replace Juanita Pool at Kamiakin Middle School on Tuesday, Feb. 25th at 7:00 p.m. and on Wednesday, Feb. 26th at the North Kirkland Community Center. Click here for meeting details. 
The current demand for pools in our community greater than capacity, but that capacity is rapidly shrinking. Supporters of swimming have created the ‘Renew the Legacy’ campaign to help plan a new aquatics center on the Eastside. The public is welcome to participate in a dialog about a possible new Kirkland facility that serves the entire community.

The economics of public pools has not been kind to swimmers as maintenance of older pools has caused area facilities to announce closures including St. Edwards Park and Juanita High School.

A regional aquatics center in partnership with neighboring cities and institutions has been considered. It will be interesting to see what comes of the public meetings. Will an aquatics center be a top priority for Kirkland's city council and if so, which other services will be impacted? Building and maintaining an aquatics center will be extremely expensive.

The cost of such a facility, of course, could be a spoiler. Who knows? If all goes well, you could soon see your favorite Kirkland City Councilmember on the high dive performing a swan dive. Or, the triple lindy.

Rodney Dangerfield performs the "impossible" Triple Lindy in the movie Back To School

Rodney Dangerfield performs the "impossible" Triple Lindy in the movie Back To School