LETTER: Air Gondolas Don't Make Sense



Why would air gondolas make sense when we just ripped out perfectly functional rail tracks?  Has everyone lost their minds? I have used them in New York, where massive numbers of commuters take mass transit TO the gondolas and travel across to Roosevelt Island all day, every day.  They make sense on rugged terrain such as the mountains of Russia, or in Japan where they carry skiers up to the first ski lifts, or to cross difficult rivers or ravines, but they make no sense at all through the heart of a residential suburban community, or hovering over a walking and riding "nature" trail.

I can also not imagine how many lawsuits this would engender from people who do not want these mechanical monsters destroying their views and creating serious noise pollution!  Who sits around dreaming up these clearly unnecessary potential expenditures? If we could just have their names, we could send them to a budget counselor or to Gambler's Anonymous, because they are clearly troubled.

Is this idea a direct result of the legalization of pot smoking?  If our city council even considers this worthy of a study, should we initiate drug testing on them?

Al Hoviland