LETTER: Evergreen vs. Kingsgate name change

Dear Editor:


My wife and I have owned acreage and our home in what some refer to as The Evergreen/Kingsgate community for almost 60 years.  A contest was held in the 50’s to name the area in question and the winning name was Juanita Crest.  Signs were put up on the various roads leading to the area. Murdock McPherson, a local relator led was an effort to develop the property for what is now Kingsgate I and later the other Kingsgate developments. 

We formed a committee composed of the “old time” residents to attempt to make sense out of what was happening, recognizing that developing the land was going to happen at some point in time.  The developer decided that the past recognized name Juanita Crest was not going to remain.

We worked to force the developer to stop the plan for septic tanks over concern for the pollution to the Juanita Beach area.  We knew that Metro had long range plans for sewers.  As a result of our action a temporary “settling pond” was put in near what is now the Evergreen Hospital Campus in anticipation of the sewer lines.  Our efforts were a labor of love, being  just a few people trying to force big business which had a relationship with the planning commission......we fought on!

When we asked the planning commission about play areas and schools for the development the developer responded that there was plenty of open area.....our homes and property!  At the time most of us had horses and livestock because of the acreage we owned.  This of course ended with wave of progress.  We understood that but having lived here for so long we wanted to have an area that we could be proud of for generations to come.  The result of this was the planning commission demand for the pool and recreation areas that were put in.  The Robert Frost school site was also established.

Needless to say, there is some very emotional feeling on the part of those of us who were treated with the lack of dignity that home owners deserve.  The name Kingsgate, due to the past history, certainly brings back some very bad memories. 

I am not interested in being an activist in this arena but just wanted to furnish some history.  We love living in our home and hope we can continue to own it in spite of all the development.

Norman G. Ray