Birding Class Points The Way To The Woodpeckers

The Pileated Woodpecker is by Mick Thompson

Tips and Guided Birding Show How to Find a Favorite Bird Family

Hear that tap-tap-tapping from your neighbor’s yard? Chances are it’s a woodpecker.

Colorful, charismatic woodpeckers are all around us. From the eastside suburbs to the semiarid valleys on the other side of the Cascades, 12 woodpecker species inhabit our state.

Each one has its own niche and a unique set of calls and tapping sounds that you can have fun learning to recognize in a three-part birding class from Eastside Audubon.

An evening session in Kirkland on Friday, March 7, is classroom preparation for two Saturday field trips: the first on March 8 for a half-day close to home, and the second on May 19 for a full day in eastern Washington.

Instructor Brian Bell is a professional birding and natural history guide. His woodpecker class will enhance the urban adventure for anyone who enjoys exploring the nearby natural world.

Fees for the class are $65 for Eastside Audubon members, $85 for non-members. (Field trip carpool share is additional.)

Registration is open now at Eastside Audubon: or
(425) 576-8805. Additional details are available at the Eastside Audubon website: