Hands off, Kirkland! The Cow & Coyote don't need regulations from City Hall (poll)

Welcome to Killjoy, er Kirkland: It takes only one grinch to complain to City Hall and the next thing you know, the bovine bureaucracy and the coyote cops are gearing up to write new rules and regulations.
Waiting for the Interurban in Fremont

Waiting for the Interurban in Fremont

After years of the Cow and Coyote sculpture being decorated for various occasions there has been a protest from a citizen who thinks public art should not be tampered with.
Countless Kirklanders have greatly enjoyed the whimsical decorations volunteers have put on the sculpture over the years in a gesture of community spirit. Each holiday, a small group of volunteers sew, stitch and tape elaborate costumes to the Cow and the Coyote statue at the corner of Lake Street and Central Way in downtown Kirkland.  They design the costumes, pay for materials out of their own pockets, decorate and promptly taken down said decorations after the holiday, leaving no trace. 

If this sounds familiar, it is Kirkland's version of Waiting for the Interurban in Fremont -- a statue with a long history of community spirit, adoration and decoration.

Quirky? Yes. Does it show pride in our community? Absolutely. We say, well done!

The Cow and The Coyote is Kirkland’s version, albeit smaller and less well-known.

The city received a complaint from a citizen saying that public sculpture should not be decorated. Now the city of Kirkland is ready to roll out a mass of rules and regulations of what can and cannot be done. The Cultural Arts Commission is holding a meeting to discuss a possible city policy regarding on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 4:00 in the Rose Hill Room at City Hall.

If you would like to weigh in on this subject, please comment below. Your comments will be submitted to the Cultural Council to help them in their deliberations.

You are invited to partake in the light-hearted and not so scientific poll on this subject.

I find it amazing that one person's complaint can cause havoc for so many others in this town. Countless people are having to schedule meetings, draft agendas, prepare presentations and ponder the City's role in regulating this non-issue.

Good grief! Grow a sense of humor. If you can’t do that, at least try to have some community spirit.
— Anonymous Cow

A BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU to the decorating volunteers who work hard putting smiles on people's faces.