LETTER | What do holly, ivy, and squirrels have in common?


What do holly, ivy, and squirrels have in common? 


They're all non-native invaders that damage our parks, trees, or homes. 

English ivy weakens and kills trees, and harbors rats. Holly crowds out native trees. Both ivy and holly spread voraciously via bird droppings and are taking over our parks. 

As for squirrels, besides digging up gardens, they do extensive damage to homes, chewing their way into attics and crawlspaces. Once they're inside, they like to chew on wiring, causing house fires.  

What can you do?

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  • Do not feed squirrels! 
  • Remove ivy and holly from your yard if at all possible. If you can't remove ivy, keep it trimmed back so it can't flower and produce seeds or spread to adjacent properties. To kill an ivy or holly stump and prevent it from re-sprouting, brush the freshly cut stump with undiluted Roundup (it doesn't take much). Hundreds of volunteers have spent thousands of hours removing these plants from our parks. Removing them from private property helps protect the parks and trees that make Kirkland such a great place to live. 

There is extensive information online about all of the above.