LETTER | Property Tax Increases


Our budgets take a hit.


On January 6th this year, the City Manager put out a staff report on what the City’s property tax rate would be; about $26,168,501 of the City’s assessed value of $15,774,360,007 or 1.65893%.


It had enormous consequence to the taxpayers.  The 1.65893% could have been lower. 


What did it do to our budgets?   Having just received my tax notice, my taxes went up 11.3% at a time when the national COLA only went up 1.2%.  Income from SS will only go up 1.3%, not enough to cover the added cost.  Medicare increases will take most of it if not all of it. 


Countywide taxes property taxes went up a little over 5%.  We're pay twice as much.


Probably all property taxpayers in Kirkland are in the same boat.  Our ability to maintain and enhance our standard of living is and has been eroded.


Prop 1 & Prop 2 levy’s were unnecessary and spending the $15 million budget annual budget surplus above and beyond their adopted budgets is also unnecessary.  It’s time to let taxpayers enjoy their standard of living without picking  their pockets.  


Robert L. Style