Kirkland approves Transportation Benefit District to preserve future funding option


Following a public hearing held on February 10, 2014, the Kirkland City Council approved legislation (Ordinance No. 4435) that establishes a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) for the purposes of having a future option to fund transportation improvements.  The Ordinance also establishes the Kirkland City Council as the governing board and specifies Kirkland city limits as the boundaries of the TBD.  Further, the Ordinance requires that a public hearing be held prior to the City enacting a TBD fee or charge that does not require voter approval. The Council’s action does not enact any funding options at this time.  To view the staff memo, Ordinance and meeting video, go to (Search: Watch Council Meetings and select February 10, 2014).


A TBD is a funding tool for cities, towns and counties to pay for transportation improvements and provides for a variety of funding options; several which require voter approval.  Several King Counties cities have enacted TBDs.


At the public hearing Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen emphasized that the creation of the TBD is a “is not a current tax proposal but a placeholder for future needs.”


The Ordinance passed unanimously.