A thank you letter to our police officers

Dear police officers,

I write this letter today to thank you for your service. Recent media accounts of protests showing people chanting horrible things about cops have made me sick to my stomach. In some circles, it has become fashionable to disparage the honorable and often dangerous job you do serving our community. You serve and protect us all, even the people who have turned against you.

Recent altercations in other states between police officers and African American males have ended in tragic deaths, prompting an uproar which has spread to major cities around the country. Some in the media have chosen to sensationalize these protests. Some have chosen to paint all police officers with the same brush and accuse them of racism. I find this situation appalling.

At rallies across the country, police are being called racists by angry mobs. Cable news channels like CNN are filled with images of protesters holding placards with despicable statements about the police. I hope that justice prevails in these suffering, crime-ridden communities and that healing can begin, but I fear that healing is not the goal of some of the instigators. 

I empathize with the officers who are being wrongly accused of racism. In our country, calling someone a racist is the worst insult one can give to another American. Once the 'R' word is used, all civil discussion has ended. There is no chance for dialogue, regardless of how just or unjust the charge.

Some officers are being accused of murder. The courts will decide the validity of those accusations.

Without a respect for the law, our society will decay into chaos. It seems that a significant number in our society have lost confidence in our justice system. And those who maintain order in our society take the brunt of the consequences. 

I write this letter to say I stand with our police officers, the vast majority of whom are good, honest, hard-working folks just like you and me. They do not deserve to be painted by the brush of racism. I also stand with those seeking justice. I do not stand with racists, race baiters. people who scoff at the law or people who carry placards reading, "death to cops." Disgusting.

Police officers have chosen to serve our community. This is an awesome responsibility. They are the ones who stand between us and the vandals, burglars, rapists and murders looking to harm us every day.

Don't let the media unfairly portray those who serve our community. Our police officers are our friends and neighbors. They are good people whom we should support.

Rob Butcher