Merry Christmas and thank you, Kirkland volunteers!

We live in a wonderful community. Kirklanders know this and passionately express their views on how to improve our city. We sometimes forget that most of the quality of life we enjoy relies upon the daily good deeds of our fellow citizens, not on the actions or inactions of our government. We, the citizens, are Kirkland. We are responsible for our own well being, including that of our community. Our government is there to help but it is limited in what it can do to improve our lives. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness and that is best attained when we work together.

That is why volunteering and getting involved is so important here in Kirkland. 

Thank you to all of the volunteers who work so hard to improve our community. Your generosity is inspiring and energizing. To those who may wish to better connect with our community, there is no better way to get involved than to give a little of your time working to help a charity, volunteering at a special event or restoring one of our beautiful parks.

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all!