LETTER: Accident on 405 Thursday 12/18 6:30 pm, Witness needed!

Hello neighbors,

I was in an accident at approximately 6:30 pm on Thursday, December 19. There were a lot of cars getting onto 405 S at 85th so I am hoping that someone saw what happened and can help me. Just after we passed the NE 70th street exit, traffic came to a complete stop. As we were sitting waiting for it to move again, the semi tractor/trailer rig in front of us rolled backwards, crunching the front of my car and causing over $5000 in damages! There was someone right behind us, so we couldn't back up to avoid him. All we could do is sit there and watch him hit us. Very scary to say the least.

The driver didn't stop and we had to chase after him and demand that he pull over. All of this in the dark and pouring down rain. Sadly, because we had to take off after him, the weather and the fact that we were on the freeway in massive traffic, we were unable to stop and get info from any witnesses.

If you saw this incident happen, please contact me. The driver of the semi-truck is denying that he did anything. I need your help. 

Thank you in advance! 
Susan Feldman