Scoop the poop, bag it, & put it in the trash... Or not

Apparently, the "Poop pollutes" sign on this garbage can in Marina Park was not enough to persuade one Grinch of a dog owner from leaving behind a little Christmas present for our community. Thank you!

Okay. Is it just me, or is our world filled with seemingly more inconsiderate dog owners either unable to afford poop bags (solution: sell your dog), or unwilling to use poop bags (solution: sell your dog)? Kirkland is a town of dog lovers. In our family, Molly the dog holds equal stature with yours truly. Don't ask which one of us spends more time in the dog house.

It seems like hardly a month goes by without someone sending in a letter regarding loser dog owners who don't / won't clean up after their own messes. I am tired of it, frankly. Dog poop in public spaces is pollution and conveys a disregard for common courtesy and disrespect for our community.

The occasional, "I forgot a poop bag" excuse aside, this town has too many instances of scofflaws trading in the poop and scoop practice for the ol' poop and scoot routine. It is high time for those of us who desire standards in our community, to actively shame those who do not. 

Personally, I have found Poop-N-Scooters to be a suspicious looking lot. They tend to be busily reading or talking on the phone while ignoring their dog's dedicating. They look guilty. That is because they are guilty. They are not good citizens. They are not good neighbors. They trample on the rights of others without regard.

I like using shame as a tool for encouraging socially acceptable behavior. It has gone out of favor like the stockade. I guess I'm old school as they don't sound like bad tools to me. 

 Well, I think it best I end this rant now before I write something outrageous that might offend Those Who Are Easily Offended (another group begging for attention). Otherwise, I might end up in the dog house. Again. ;-)