Nourishing Network seeks food for Thursday's food drop-off. Can you help?

You can make a REAL difference in a needy families life, this holiday season. There is probably not a more cherished gift that you can buy.

We have expanded the Nourishing Network coverage to all Kirkland elementary schools where we can identify valid need. We have identified that need, and it exceeds our current donations by over 70 boxes of food.  

Can you bring a box on Thursday or drop it off late Wednesday? You can help these families, right here in Kirkland, that are not looking forward to happy holidays like most of the rest of us.  

It is easy to sign up at: , and a grocery list is attached.

Thank you and bless you,

Dave Asher

Grocery List

Shelf-Stable Products*                                          Quantity                Type
Quaker Instant Oats                                        1                   18 oz canister
Canned soup, Progresso/Healthy Choice       4                   10.5 oz cans
Canned corn, green beans, or similar             2                   14.5 oz cans
Canned fruit                                                    2                   15 oz cans
Peanut Butter                                                  1                   28 oz jar *
Rice  (jasmine rice, please)                            1                   32 oz+  bag
Cup of Noodles                                              6                  2.25 oz bags
Crackers                                                         1                   16 oz box
Applesauce                                                     1                   48 oz jar *
* (no glass, please)                                    
Fresh Products                                                             Quantity           Type
Potatoes, jicama, parsnips or similar                 1                5 lb bag
Onions, bell peppers, chilies, garlic or
                                                   similar             1                5 pieces
Broccoli, bok choy, mushrooms,
                               cucumber (etc.)                   1                  bag
Fruit: e.g., apples, citrus or similar                    1                  dozen
 --  Infant formula if you are able.