LETTER: The Planning Commission Is Getting Bad Advice

Dear Editor, This letter was originally sent to the Kirkland City Council and Planning Commission

For the Planning Commission & Council:
You are a total failure in regard to supporting the Growth Management Act (GMA).  It calls for local jurisdictions to adopt a transportation plan that supports mass transit.  .
When busses load and unload their passengers, 45 to 60 people about every 15 minutes from the South Park & Ride hit the highways and into their cars to go home almost all of which go thru Kirkland.  You haven't done anything  to prevent the traffic jams that you have created. 
Busses are part of your mass transit plan but you've done nothing to accommodate what it takes to support them.

You've allowed developments that add to the problem.  You've adopted legislation that prevents Kirkland citizens from speaking on the use of the KBR (Kirkland,Bellevue,Redmond) as justification for your decisions and have not allowed the citizens a voice on compliance with Concurrency as described by the GMA.  Instead you opted to use the KBR which has not had a public hearing by the citizens of Kirkland.
The Planning Commission been getting bad advice.  You are acting on legislation that Kirkland citizens have not been allowed to comment on.  Use of the KBR was wrong.
You are derelict in your duty to comply with the provisions of the GMA that could prevent the traffic jams created by ill advised legislation. You need to repeal your legislation that prevents Kirkland citizens from commenting on Concurrency.  You need to prevent traffic jams.
Traffic jams can be prevented if legislation is adopted that supports mass transit.  
It's time the City listen to other people who know more about the provisions of the GMA than what you're being told.  Instead the Council and the Planning Commission continue to make ill advised decisions about what it takes to support mass transit. 
Robert L. Style