Kirkland City Council adopts budget for 2015-2016


Markets budget as
“Decisive, Responsive”


On December 9, 2014, following a public hearing, the Kirkland City Council approved the budget for 2015-2016 with a unanimous vote. The Budget is built around the themes of “decisive, responsive government,” advances progress on theadopted City Council goals, and responds to the results of the biennial community survey by funding key services identified by the citizens of Kirkland as most important.  The majority of the general fund is dedicated to police, fire and emergency medical services, which are consistently the top priorities in the community survey.  Other key initiatives include a Customer Service Initiative to improve how the City provides customer service, implementing a high-deductible, consumer-driven health care program for its employees to promote employee health and control cost growth, and the Walkable Kirkland Initiative to accelerate pedestrian and bicycle safety and school walk route efforts.  The 2015-2016 Biennial Budget documents are available online or can be viewed at City Hall, 123 Fifth Avenue, Kirkland, WA.


The City continues to support success in its high performing/high importance service categories (Shown as “Stars” in the Kirkland Quadrant graphic attached), including public safety, pedestrian safety, and city parks, while also dedicating strong support to services and programs that are of high importance to citizens and have potential for performance enhancements (Shown as “Imperatives” in the Kirkland Quadrant graphic attached).


The balanced two-year budget helps to sustain the City’s AAA credit rating while recognizing the need to be prepared for events that will impact the City in the future, such as the loss of revenue from the sunset of the State Annexation Sales Tax Credit in 2021.


As part of the Budget adoption, the City Council also approved the property tax levy for 2015 and adopted updates to the 2013-2018 Six Year Capital Improvement Program.