Kirkland residents and businesses encouraged to prepare for severe weather

This pool at Bondi Beach was designed to take a pounding. Your house is not. Be prepared.

The City of Kirkland encourages its residents and businesses to prepare for expected severe weather tonight and into Thursday, with the greatest impact occurring Thursday afternoon and evening. Forecasters expect heavy rains and high winds to impact all of Western Washington. The storm may result in downed trees and widespread power outages in our area and has the potential to produce landslides on rain-saturated slopes. The National Weather Service reports that the potential windstorm on Thursday could produce wind speeds of 40-50 mph and gusts of up to 65 to 75 m.p.h. To view current weather conditions, go to


Personal Preparedness & Home/Business Safety

Citizens and businesses are reminded to have emergency supplies on hand for extended power outages. Emergency kits should include food, water, flashlights, batteries, medications and access to a power source to charge phones.


The American Red Cross encourages residents to check on their neighbors who have access or functional needs, such as disabled persons or seniors, during severe weather.


Remember to use alternate heat sources safely and wisely. Follow manufacturers’ instructions and adequately vent areas where carbon monoxide can build up. Do not use outdoor grills, camp stoves, or generators indoors, including in garages, as they may cause serious or fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


Report Hazards

To report road, sewer, flooding and stormwater hazards within Kirkland City limits, please call 425-587-3900 (24/hour). 


City Public Information

During the weather event, public information will be available on the City’s website at, posted on twitter at and at  City recreation programs will be cancelled, if necessary, per Lake Washington School District’s school cancellation policy.


Keep streets, storm drains and sidewalks clear of debris

Debris in streets and on top of storm drains will result from the wind.  Please clear leaves, dirt and other debris away from the storm drains to prevent flooding.  Do not rake leaves into the street but collect them and dispose of them in your yard compost.  Property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalk areas in front of homes and businesses clear of debris.


Garbage/Recycling Collection

Should weather conditions delay Waste Management’s (WM) collection times, updates will be posted and can also be obtained by calling WM at 1-800-592-9995. In the event that garbage collection is cancelled, customers can put out a double load of garbage and recyclables on their next regular service day at no extra cost. Since a double load of garbage will be picked up on the next service day, no credits will be given for the missed day.