Public Works: Construction Digest


After a week devoted to Northeast 85th Street’s stormwater system, Johansen Excavating’s night crews resume water main installation Monday night near the street’s intersection with 126th Avenue Northeast. Johansen will continue installing water main for at least two more weeks. In the last two weeks, the contractor built six of the stormwater system’s 39 catch basins and installed a quarter of the stormwater system’s 1,300 feet of pipe. Most of that work occurred near the 124th Avenue Northeast intersection. But Johansen’s crews also worked near the 120th Avenue Northeast intersection. Johansen could resume work on the stormwater system as early as late November and as late as early January. 



The contractor is currently working to complete pedestrian crossing intersections at Northeast 112th Street, Northeast 87th Street, Sixth Street, and Northeast 52nd Street. The fence contractor is installing fencing for safety and to protect sensitive areas. Gravel has been laid from the southern boundary at 108th Avenue Northeast all the way to Northeast 112th Street in Totem Lake. Before the trail can be re-opened, the fencing material must be installed and all safety improvements at the street crossings must be complete.  Stay tuned to the latest trail opening and closure information on the CKC Interim Trail web site, or contact Kari Page, Cross Kirkland Corridor Coordinator, (425) 587-3011.



Kirkland’s Northeast 120th Street extension contractor is quickly completing the last remaining tasks on the 850-foot connector of 124th Avenue Northeast and Slater Avenue Northeast. Sub-contractors this week are turning on the traffic signal at Slater Avenue Northeast and Northeast 120th Street. Last week, they striped travel and bike lanes, affixed traffic cameras and adjusted signal timing. Crews also continued mounting hand-rails to the retaining wall at the street’s east end. Project Engineer Aparna Khanal says the road will be complete by Nov. 19. That’s the date residents, business managers and regional leaders will be celebrating the road’s completion. The celebration begins at 10 a.m.



Project managers are finalizing some last few design details for the Park Lane makeover while awaiting Washington State Department of Transportation authorization to advertise the project for contractors’ bids. Construction is scheduled to begin in January. 



Puget Sound Energy’s contractor began relocating a gas main last week on Northeast 80th Street, between 124th Avenue Northeast and 132nd Avenue Northeast. Puget Sound Energy is moving the ... View more gas line to make room for a City of Kirkland water main upgrade scheduled next summer on Northeast 80th Street. Except at the intersections, Infrasource will be using a method of construction known as boring, which will allow its crews to keep the street in tact. As such, Puget Sound Energy does not expect the work to disrupt gas service to its customers along Northeast 80th Street. Puget Sound Energy expects to complete the work in two months or so. 



The City Council on Nov. 18 will decide whether to award a contract to upgrade 12 traffic signals along the north-south corridor of 100th Avenue Northeast through Lake Washington Boulevard. Construction will likely begin in January and continue through summer. Kirkland Project Engineer Patrick Herbig expects the contractor to begin with the traffic signals on Lake Washington Boulevard first and to end with the traffic signals on Northeast 85th Street. The upgrades will continue Kirkland’s migration to traffic signal technology called Intelligent Transportation Systems. Intelligent Transportation Systems improve traffic flow at intersections by providing real-time information to transportation engineers and to the commuting public. The public can then use this information to identify more efficient routes. Transportation engineers can use the information to adjust signal timing and synchronization—if need-be.



Residents on Seventh Avenue South are less than a month from having their neighborhood road patched up. Kar-Vel Construction expects to finish water main installation by mid-November. When the weather allows, Kar-Vel’s crews are rebuilding the street’s stormwater system and expect to be done by the middle of November. The City of Kirkland will repave the road next summer. Later next year, SRM Development will build sidewalks along the street’s southside, from First Avenue South to Google.



Kar-Vel Construction will begin installing later this month 1,300 feet of a 12-inch water main, which will extend from Central Way through Kirkland Way. The project should be complete by February. The purpose of the capacity upgrade is to ensure the area’s growing population has enough water.