LETTER: Why Should You Vote for Pedro Celis

To the Editor:

Why should you vote for Pedro Celis? Pedro is a man of action!  He left Mexico with a few clothes and some books determined to build a successful life. And, yes, he did just that!  After getting his Master's degree & PhD in Canada, he eventually made his way to the US where he became a distinguished engineer at Microsoft and led the team that gave us SQL. As our congressman, Pedro will bring that same energy & determination to Washington. Since he built his life from nothing, he knows that high taxes and draconian regulations can crush families, destroy businesses, kill jobs and undermine the dream for millions of people. He will stand firm for us!  His goals include a balanced budget, slashing regulations and a simplified tax system. Furthermore, Pedro knows that Obamacare strangles businesses and burdens families as their payments skyrocket.  Pedro will work hard to repeal Obamacare and replace it with market based plans that empower us to make our own decisions.

Obama’s policies have hurt job recovery, made healthcare too expensive, put national security at risk on the border and been too slow on Ebola. It’s time to replace Obama clone Susan DelBene with Pedro Celis. Pedro has lived the American Dream; he will work for a brighter future for your family, he wants to offer opportunity to the people in Kirkland, not the out-of-state hedge fund tycoon pouring money into the 45th District to buy elections. Pedro will work across the aisle to find bi-partisan solutions, end the gridlock to create jobs, provide quality education, allow seniors to retire with dignity and build a better future. Vote Pedro for Congress!

Jeanie McCombs