Local woman to compete on reality TV show House of DVF

Advertisement for House of DVF, InStyle Magazine. Kier is on the right, blonde hair, in the red dress.

Lake Washington High School graduate Keir (Mcgill) Mellour left Kirkland in 2007 to move to Los Angeles to start her career as an actress. By 2012 she realized she didn't want to be an actress she wanted to be in fashion. She started her fashion blog www.fashionaddict.la and it took off and now she is named one of the top 5 fashion bloggers in Los Angeles. Diane Von Furstenburg, a fashion icon who invented the wrap dress in the early 70's, is getting her own reality TV show to be called House of DVF. The program is looking for the new Ambassador of DVF and Kier Mellour is vying for the job as part of this reality TV show. The show starts Sunday, November 2nd at 10 pm on E!.

Keir attended Rose Hill Elementary, Kirkland Junior High School, LWHS  and LWIT and told many of her teachers that she would be famous someday. Someday looks right around the corner. We wish Kier well.