Sewage dumped into Moss Bay, Lake Washington following storm... again

In 2011, a similar incident at the sewage pump station caused the county to close the beach at Marina Park.

In 2011, a similar incident at the sewage pump station caused the county to close the beach at Marina Park.

Another storm, another power outage, and another sewage dump into Lake Washington from Kirkland's wastewater pump station. If you think you have read this headline before, you have. Kirkland Views has published this story at least three times over the past four years:

2013:  68,000 gallons of wastewater discharged into Lake Washington at Kirkland Pump Station

2011:  8,000 Gallons of Wastewater Released into Lake Washington, Beach Closed

2010:  Beach Closed: Kirkland Pump Station overflow releases 25,000 gallons of sewage in Lake Washington



When the system fails due to power outage or other mishap, the sewage that is normally pumped out of the area is released into Moss Bay. The alternative is for sewage to back up elsewhere. You do not want to be living in "elsewhere" when that happens.

The situation seems familiar. A big storm comes, power goes out and sewage is dumped into Moss Bay until crews can come and manually shut it off or restore power.

It may be that there is no fix to this issue. Perhaps we must live with the reality that #$%@ happens. I don't know. A couple times a year, the power goes out during wind storms. And about once a year we dump waste water into the lake from the Kirkland Pump Station. Maybe we could anticipate this happening again next year and try something different?

If the county needs a backup generator and one isn't in the budget, they can give me a call anytime. I'll go buy one at Home Depot and donate it to them. In the meantime, keep your toes out of Moss Bay. There is a bit more than moss floating in the bay these days.

By the way, the city and county have not released estimated amount of discharged excrement as they have in previous years. It will be interesting to know how big of a dump this was.

The following press release from King County was issued Sunday:

Storm leads to power outages, overflows at two Eastside pump stations  

Crews respond; health and regulatory agencies notified 


A strong fall windstorm knocked out power and caused overflows at two King County wastewater pump stations.  


An overflow into Lake Washington from King County’s Kirkland Pump Station, located at Third Street and Park Lane in Kirkland, began at 9 p.m. and lasted about 35 minutes. Crews engaged a backup power system and restored normal operation at the station. 


Another overflow into Lake Washington occurred at the Sweyolocken Pump Station, located at 3100 Bellevue Way S.E. Crews were on-site at 11 p.m. to engage an emergency generator and to stop the overflow.  


King County will report the overflows to health and regulatory agencies, monitor water quality, and post affected areas as closed to protect public health.