PSA: Prevent flooding by clearing leaves from storm drains

Fall color at its best along Forbes Creek Drive.

Fall color at its best along Forbes Creek Drive.

The City of Kirkland has issued this Public Service Announcement advising citizens to clear leaves from storm drains and use sandbag self-service filling stations as a preparedness measure:


Kirkland’s drainage system has been designed to hold and carry water during storms to prevent flooding. However, heavy storms may exceed the system’s capacity and some flooding may occur. There are over 15,000 storm drains in Kirkland. Leaves and debris can block rain water from flowing into storm drains and often cause localized flooding. Flooding can cause safety concerns and property damage. Kirkland residents and businesses are encouraged to take measures to prevent flooding and flood damage:

Clear Leaves from Storm Drains
• Do not rake or blow leaves into the street. Place leaves in yard waste bin or compost.
• Before, during and after a storm, check storm drains near your home or business and make sure they are free of debris.
• Use a rake to remove debris from storm drain and gutter. Place this material in a yard, trash or recycling bin.
• Do not remove grate from storm drain. This does not unclog the drain and creates hazardous conditions. 
• Call Public Works Maintenance at 425-587-3900 if flooding is severe and you are unable to clear the storm drain.

Kirkland residents and businesses that have previously had or almost had flooding are encouraged to have a supply of sandbags on-hand as a preparedness measure.

Two self-service sandbag filling stations are available October 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015 and are accessible daily, 24 hours. Sand and bags are provided at no cost to Kirkland citizens and businesses; however, citizens must bring their own shovels.

Kirkland’s sandbag filling stations are located at:
• Public Works Maintenance Center, 915 8th Street, parking lot
• Juanita Beach Park, 9703 NE Juanita Drive, parking lot south of Juanita Drive

To Learn More
More information about flood preparedness can be found at the following web pages:
• Flood Preparation (City of Kirkland) – (search: Flooding)
• Take Winter by Storm –
• National Flood Insurance Program -