LETTER: Andy Hill serves the 45th District well


I'll preface my comments by saying I am a political independent.  I consistently vote for the candidate that I believe will do the best job.  According, I feel I must speak out regarding the 45th District Senate race.  I have yet to see where Matt Isenhower has differentiated himself as a candidate.  He claims to support education, which Andy Hill has done for decades as a PTSA member/president, a math tutor and a board member.  Mr. Isenhower touts his business experience, which does not necessarily translate to success in politics.  Andy Hill has extensive business experience as well as a proven ability to work across the aisle to get things done in Olympia.  I'm still wondering how Isenhower's Harvard MBA assures success in politics.  Oh, by the way, I had known Senator Hill for over seven years before a chance conversation resulted in learning Andy has a Harvard MBA.  He doesn't flaunt it-he's very modest about his accomplishments.
I’m very disgusted and disappointed that Andy Hill’s opponents say he hasn't done enough for education. Andy ran for office promising to fight for a sustainable budget that prioritizes education. By 2013 he was the budget chair and passed a budget with historic levels of bipartisan support.  It was supported by 90% of legislators- something that hasn't been accomplished in decades. Before Andy wrote the budget, Washington had been under-funding education for 30 years. Even the Supreme Court made note of that in their McCleary ruling: this has been going on for decades.  It is incorrect and disingenuous to blame Senator Hill for the past actions of the majority party.
If you’ve had the chance to meet Andy Hill, you know how genuine a person he is. As our state senator, he’s been just as genuine in following through on the promises he made when he first ran four years ago.
I believe Andy Hill is a clear choice for Senate.  He has demonstrated he knows how to get things done.  I just don't see how Matt Isenhower has what it takes to do a better job.
Curt Bateman
District 45 resident